How to Thank and Reward Your Email Marketing Subscribers

How to Thank and Reward Your Email Marketing Subscribers

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Truly, one of the best email marketing campaign best practices is to constantly thank your subscribers. Though it seems a simple tip, thanking and rewarding your subscribers usually results in greater benefits, including more email opens and link click-thrus.

By fostering email subscriber loyalty, you will build, in the end, your email list and your total customer reach.

Never Forget Autoresponders

Though often overlooked, the initial autoresponder that thanks a new subscriber for signing up for your blasts are extremely powerful.

Including an incentive for signing up for your email blast is basic, but to retain subscribers and grow your list you should offer an opt-in bonus.

This surprise reinforces why these subscribers signed up for your blast in the first place. Why not send them a promotion in their "Thank You" autoresponder? Why not make that a surprise?

What it does, really, is encourage more people to sign up for your email marketing campaign. How? Well, if someone signs up and immediately receives a thank you accompanied by some sort of unexpected offer, the chances drastically increase for these new subscribers to recommend you and your business. Trial offers of your service or free samples of your product are substantial ways to grab, retain and sustain your email base.

Ensure, however, that your initial offer is good enough that it keeps them intrigued. Make it great enough for them to use and spread it, but also not that great that they don't look forward to your next email blast.

Make "Cashing In" Easy

So, there you are with your new subscriber, and your autoresponder has already gone out to them.

Before you get too excited about the future possibilities, ensure that your original offer is easy to redeem or "cash in."

Whether it is an embedded coupon, promotional code or a simple redirect to an offer landing page, make sure that it is easy to use.

This is true for all types of offers and promotions used to thank and reward subscribers.

Build on Social Media

A rudiment of effective email marketing is to allow your current subscriber list to easily and simply spread your message.

One of the most effortless tips is to ensure that your email content includes social media, whether it is Facebook or Twitter. Also, make it simple for your subscribers to forward relevant emails to friends and colleagues.

Sure, it is easy for your subscribers to hit "Forward" in their email programs, but that doesn't allow you to collect any information. A "Forward" feature, on the other hand, not only allows your content to reach new markets but you're able to monitor that data.

As obvious and straightforward as this sounds, make sure that the sharing icons actually allow your subscribers to do the action you want. Many businesses link directly to their social media sites rather than enabling subscribers to post, follow or forward content.

Essentially, reward your subscribers for spreading the word for you. Perhaps, if you say that for every forward, the subscriber earns 5% off their next purchase, or whatever is suitable for your type of business, you'll almost guarantee additional subscribers.

Reward your subscribers for forwarding, ReTweeting or posting your content online. If you haven't already began tracking this information, now is a great time to start. Give your subscribers an incentive for spreading your message. Say, for every Tweet that results in an email sign up, give the original subscriber an unbelievable deal on your products. Even with an incentive, always thank your subscriber for forwarding your content.

Great content alone may lead to a minimal amount of forwarding, but offering a reason for your subscribers to scatter your message.

Use Anniversaries

If your data collection software is adequate, then it is relatively easy to determine when your subscribers joined your email marketing list.

One of the simplest ways to thank and reward your subscribers is to send them an autoresponder that speaks to how grateful your business is to have them. Typically, anniversary autoresponders include an offer or discount that honors their subscribership.

However, if your initial email blast sign-up form included the date of birth, including a birthday promotion, is a significant tip to ensure loyalty.

Ensure that these offers – for an anniversary, for example – are unique and only available to these specific subscribers.

Watch for more tips on email marketing, Twitter marketing, autoresponders and other online strategies in future blogs.

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