The Ideal White Labeled Platform for Managed Service Providers

The Ideal White Labeled Platform for Managed Service Providers

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White Labeled Platform

Your clients are busy. You manage the technical side of their business and they are still constantly kept busy with marketing and communications. How would you like to make marketing and communication easier for your clients?

By adding marketing automation to your Managed Service Provider offering, you give your clients an alternative to traditional marketing that will make their lives easier.

SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one marketing automation solution. With over 15 channels of communication, SimplyCast would allow your clients to personalize their marketing and communication through any communication method their customers use.

What does this have to do with you?

Managed Service Providers are in the perfect position to resell marketing automation technology to their customers. Through the SimplyCast White Label Reseller Program you can add your label and branding to our technology and offer it to your clients. By doing this you:

  1. Add value to your brand
  2. Create an additional revenue stream to your business
  3. Offer more to your current clients
  4. Attract new clients
  5. Stand out from the competition

SimplyCast allows you to pick and choose the channels and tools you would like to include in your offering. This way you can create the platform that is best for you and your clients.

Are you interested in joining the SimplyCast White Label Reseller program? Contact our team at

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