The SimplyCast Story, Part 38: Grow Locally, Grow Globally

The SimplyCast Story, Part 38: Grow Locally, Grow Globally

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The SimplyCast Story

We may have started small, but SimplyCast grows mightier and mightier as the years go by. We grew steadily throughout 2014, to the point that at the end of Q1 we were able to report an incredible 266% customer increase!

These new customers were a mix of local and international businesses, big and small, representing a wide variety of industries. We have always prided ourselves on the flexibility of our product, and we consider our diverse customer base as a sign of success in this regard.

Other benefits that our new customers reported included higher open rates for messages, increased customer engagement and interaction, boosts in return business, and stronger customer loyalty and reduced customer churn thanks to personalized messages created using our platform.

We attributed our huge success in Q1 2014 to several factors, one of which being our marketing efforts for the new SimplyCast 360. In February 2014, our incredible marketing team began working tirelessly to actively promote the system to local and international business alike.

Clearly, their hard work paid off in the long run. Our increasing global recognition meant to us that we were doing something right; as of 2014, we had officially secured customers in over 175 countries, a number that we still hold with pride to this day.

We were also incredibly grateful to have such a strong relationship with the local business community during this time. SimplyCast has always been passionate about supporting the local community—from training and hiring local youths to actively supporting local organizations and events—and the feedback and support we got in return played a key role in SimplyCast's success.

With this much success only a quarter in to the year, we were thrilled to start 2014 on such a high note. We were motivated, inspired, and ready to make this the best year for SimplyCast yet.

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