The SimplyCast Story, Part 40 - Always Moving Forward

The SimplyCast Story, Part 40 - Always Moving Forward

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The SimplyCast Story

We mentioned before that 2014 started off strong for SimplyCast as we achieved 266% growth in Q1. After that, we were excited to see continued success in the following months and achieved an incredible 216% growth in Q2! And on an even more exciting note, that August SimplyCast was ranked by Capterra as fifth in total number of customers, as well as being in the top ten for most popular marketing automation software and the number five spot for total Twitter followers.

In case you're unfamiliar, Capterra is an online directory of business software and vendors that helps buyers find the best software solutions for their needs. Capterra ranks software based on the total number of customers and users, total presence on social media, and more, and Capterra looks at software and vendors of all sizes from around the world. Knowing that, it felt great to see our Nova Scotia startup so high up in the ranks!

A week later, SimplyCast announced that it achieved a top quadrant position on the Raab Associates VEST report for 2014. Raab Associates Inc. is an independent consulting firm that looks at marketing and analytics technology, helping their clients find the products that best suit their needs. Their annual VEST report rates marketing technology for vendor and product fit, provides inside into the industry as a whole and shows how marketing technologies are adapting their solutions.

Between the high Capterra rankings and placement on the Raab Associates VEST report, the word of SimplyCast was spread far and wide, and the company was introduced to new leads at a rapid rate. This contributed greatly to our future growth and helped establish SimplyCast as a trustworthy platform.

Today, SimplyCast is one of the world's most recognized names in engagement automation software. Along with all our incredible staff, customers, and friends over the years, we also have Capterra and Raab Associates Inc. to thank for supporting us along the way!

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