The SimplyCast Story Part 41: New Products, New Potential

The SimplyCast Story Part 41: New Products, New Potential

the simplycast storysimplycast story
The SimplyCast Story

As autumn 2014 rolled around, so did two brand new products from SimplyCast which would prove to help our customers for years to come. These products were EngagerLive, SimplyCast's first live chat tool, and Sonar, a web tracking tool.

October 28, 2014 marked the launch of EngagerLive, a customer engagement tool with live chat functionality. The tool was available for free to small businesses, and it helped businesses of all sizes to interact with customers directly from their website. Users could create queues and track how many customers were awaiting a response, transfer chats to other users, and receive alerts when new customers came online.

Live chat functionality makes it easy to interact with customers on the fly, check up on them while they're browsing the website, and ensure that customers don't have to wait for an email response or for a phone call to go through. It also makes the sales process so much easier, because chatting with a customer can help businesses learn what their customers are interested in and target them accordingly!

Just a few days later, on November 4, 2014, SimplyCast launched Sonar and made it infinitely easier for customers to track online visitor behavior through their websites. A highly customizable web tracking tool, Sonar allows users to track online interactions with their websites—anonymous or otherwise—so they can see exactly where each lead comes from and which pages they visit.

Sonar changed the game because it gave SimplyCast customers a whole new resource with which to build the most effective marketing campaigns possible. Businesses can learn about leads' preferences, personalize each campaign and piece of content they send their leads' way, and show their expertise in the subjects that leads care about the most.

Over three years later, we're happy to report that these project launches went more than smoothly! EngagerLive and Sonar are both tools that our customers continue to enjoy and benefit from, and which we continue to develop and add improvements to today. And, as SimplyCast launches more and more in the future, we hope that all of these products will be just as well-received.

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