How to Attract Tourists: Three New Ways

How to Attract Tourists: Three New Ways

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How to Attract Tourists

Does your tourism strategy need a boost? Maybe it's your offseason, and maybe not as many people are out traveling. That doesn't mean you should let them fall off! Here's how to attract tourists in three new ways, and keep them engaged even when it's the offseason.

How to Attract Tourists


Do you provide the option for an email newsletter to your interested tourists? Newsletters are great because they allow you to spread information about your destination easily and quickly. Maybe a tourist is on the fence about where to go; a simple newsletter could be the decision-maker.

Take this one step further by providing interested users with personalized newsletters. By giving them content that is relevant to their travel history or interests, you boost engagement with them.

SMS messages

Texting is becoming a very popular form of communication and you should take advantage of it. You can use SMS to send tourists reminders of upcoming events and travel dates. This increases tourist engagement as well as ensures that they are always informed of what is going on.

You could even use shortcode keywords and let your tourists text you for information. Maybe they want to know what the day's events looks like. They could text you the word EVENTS and receive a list of daily (or weekly) events.

Social media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are the go-to resource for tourists looking to see what an area is really like. Make sure you're on these sites so you can provide potential tourists with the information they are looking for.

Posting travel tips and tricks, photos of your location, and special promotions will make you the industry expert and tourists will flock to your pages for all the latest information.

Want to do it easily?

Now that you know how to attract tourists, it's time to take it to the next step.

If you had to create personalized emails, send text messages, and post on social media manually it would consume all your time. However, with a marketing automation platform, you can do all this and more automatically! Sign up for a free one-on-one demo by clicking the button below and see for yourself.

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