Three Tools to Help Your Online Marketing Strategy

Three Tools to Help Your Online Marketing Strategy

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Online Marketing Strategy

Put simply, online marketing can be - and for most people, is - a daunting and difficult thing. There is so much that goes into your presence apart from what content you create and post, what your website looks like, and what kind of advertising is available to you to run. Online marketing is first and foremost about creating a cohesive experience; you want to know what your customers are viewing on your website, if they aren't receiving your communications, and that they can get in touch with you, or a member of your team, whenever they need to. Today, we are highlighting three tools that give you the data you need and the flexibility to keep up with your customers support inquiries and changing needs.

Web Tracking Software

To gain data on how exactly customers are viewing your marketing materials - which links they are clicking in your emails, which website pages are being ignored, how successful you're being on social media, etc. - web tracking software is an excellent solution. It can give you real-time feedback on how a certain marketing campaign is going to ensure you are spending your advertising budget as judiciously as possible. You are able to sift out what doesn't work and double down on what does work, increasing the overall efficiency of your campaign. Not only does web tracking software automatically collect all of the raw data across a number of campaign types, it also analyzes and converts it into visuals so you can see at a glance what you may need to optimize for better results and what is already working perfectly.

Blacklist Monitoring

If you send out a lot of email campaigns, a blacklist monitor is an exceptionally handy tool. It will trawl lists of blocked IP addresses to ensure that the originating address of your email campaigns doesn't end up on one. If it does happen to find one of your IPs on there (the result of too many people marking your emails as spam), it will alert you so you can begin taking the necessary steps to have it removed. When your IP ends up on a blacklist, your campaigns deliverability rate (that is, the rate of contacts in a campaign that successfully received communications) is seriously impacted, so a blacklist monitor is essential in ensuring that your emails are still seen by your targeted audience. To find out more about these tools, as part of the over 15 integrated platforms that SimplyCast 360 offers, sign up today for a 14-day free trial.

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