Tips to Improve your Holiday Email Marketing

Tips to Improve your Holiday Email Marketing

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As the SimplyCast team heads into a Thanksgiving weekend (yes Canada is earlier), it seems like a great time to review some important areas to focus on when planning your holiday email marketing campaigns.

With the U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas closing in fast, this quick list will get you going in the right direction (if you have not already started).

5 ways to improve holiday email marketing strategies

  1. Identify the products you will promote this holiday season, and which months you will promote them.
  2. Define your promotional offers and the time frames for the offers. Consider getting the best offers out early to reach consumers before they have spent their holiday money. I am sure my mom is not the only one who does her shopping way too early.
  3. Segment your email list as much as possible. Review previous campaigns, reading over click activity and past purchasing behavior to target unique audiences with specific, relevant offers.
  4. Plan and map out when you will deploy each part of your campaign. Look at the best and worst performers from last year and follow your own best practices. Setting actual dates will enable you or your creative team to work in advance and keep on schedule. Better to have things ready early so you don't have to rush things out the door at the last minute and possibly make mistakes. The most important thing to remember is, don't leave things until the last minute because your competitors certainly won't.
  5. Design your creative for maximum performance. Get the Call To Action above the fold of your website or landing page and include the CTA in the subject line as well so that people are certain to know what your email is all about.
  6. (Bonus) Work with your email service provider (SimplyCast in this case) to ensure your sending reputation is in good standing. You can have the best subject line, creative, and timing, but if your IP reputation is poor, nobody will see that beautifully crafted email! Take time before the holidays to test your email deliverability and work on any issues that arise. The SimplyCast team is more than happy to work on this in detail with you. After all, your success during the holiday season (and throughout the year) is our success.

To learn more about SimplyCast please contact our sales team.

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