Top 4 Benefits of Becoming an Email Marketing Reseller

Top 4 Benefits of Becoming an Email Marketing Reseller

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Email Marketing Reseller

Looking to offer your clients more? Marketing agencies, web hosts, and other client-centric businesses and organizations want to offer their clients more options, but always under their own branding. Whereas some may want to start developing and building their own solutions and software from the ground up, often reselling is the right option for most companies looking to expand their offering.

In this case, let's say your company wants to expand and offer clients email marketing. As suggested, you could spend years creating your own solution, painfully trying and testing each component to ensure it works as expected. The downside to this is that it takes a very long time to create an email marketing platform that is comprehensive and stable and, even if you do create it, by the time it's ready to deploy, there's a chance the technology will be outdated.

So, let's look at becoming an email marketing reseller, essentially taking the software of another company and rebranding for your organization? What are the benefits of this?

Have a reliable solution right away

As mentioned, creating a platform from scratch takes years. Why spend all that time creating a new product when you can have a complete platform right away? Companies that offer white label solutions have spent years developing and maintaining the software so you don't have to. Simply add your logos and you're on your way — no development needed.

Add a new revenue stream to your business

Email marketing is highly lucrative and there is a demand for email marketing platform. Take advantage of this by being an email marketing reseller and offer your clients the tools they are looking for. Since you don't have to shell out the money to build your own platform, everything you sell becomes profit for your business.

Build brand loyalty

Clients love being able to centralize their products and services. If clients are using one of our services already, chances are that if they are looking for an email marketing platform that they will look to you first. Being able to have what your clients want builds brand loyalty and trust for your company.

Gain a competitive edge

Are your competitors offering the same as your main offering? Probably. Are they offering email marketing as well? If not, you have just automatically gained an edge of them. You are now able to offer customers more and that's important. By adding email marketing to your offering, you add a differentiator from other companies and attract new clients who are specifically looking for an email marketing platform.

Ready to get started?

If you're interested in becoming an email marketing reseller, consider SimplyCast's White Label Reseller Program. With SimplyCast's Reseller program, you can pick and choose the tools and channels you want for your own rebranded platform (including email!). If you have any questions or if you're ready to take the next steps, connect with us by emailing!

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