Top Four Benefits of Reselling White Label Surveys

Top Four Benefits of Reselling White Label Surveys

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White Label Surveys

There is now a very profitable opportunity for resellers to access a robust market with white label surveys. Every day, countless businesses wish they could read customers' mind. Universities wish they know the issues their students and politicians beg to know what their residents feel the most strongly about. Often, important decisions hinge on knowing intricate details that could make or break a new product launch, the beginning of a political campaign, or announcing large organizational changes.

Guess what – you can provide these answers while creating (and generating) a new revenue stream for your agency or business.

When you white-label our survey software, you gain access to a complete packaged product without investing in development hours. The software is even rebranded to fit alongside your existing service offerings.

Still on the fence? Consider these top benefits:

Provide an Effective Solution

Going door-to-door with a clipboard and pen may have been an effective means of collecting data in the past, but today nobody wants to be bothered at home. By white labeling our survey software, not only will you be able to offer a solution that can distribute questions via email, SMS, and social media but it can also collect and compile the answers in real time. From the responses received, analytics are automatically built that represents in the data is easily understandable ways through both numbers and graphics.

Reach Out to Untapped Markets

Universities, political parties, municipalities, companies, and more are seeking new and innovative ways to gather opinions and poll their audiences. Whether it's gathering thoughts on a new neighborhood development plan, finding out what issues matter most to constituents or collecting data for an academic paper, online survey technology can be used across countless industries.

Offer Budget-Friendly Software

Survey software can be expensive with cost quotes changing solely on the number of contacts needed. When you white label surveys, you gain the ability to offer an affordable, complete solution that gives you a competitive edge. Not only will this allow your service to stand out, but will be key is developing strong relationships with potential clients that don't have to worry about making a budget-breaking purchase.

Integrate Easily into Existing Systems

With our free CRM and integrations manager, you can easily connect your white-labeled software to a number of existing systems potential customers may use. This saves the customer from having to transfer their established contact base over to our platform while allowing them to access the data for survey sends.

Interested in white label surveys?

If we've piqued your interest and you would like to learn more, visit our partnership page or contact us at to find out how you can become a white label survey reseller – and sell any or all of our 20+ applications.

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