SimplyCast's Top Use Case Blogs of 2021

SimplyCast's Top Use Case Blogs of 2021

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Top Use Case Blogs

Over the past year or so, SimplyCast has been developing a number of automated use case solutions for a variety of different industries and, as you may expect, we’ve taken to talking about all these use cases in our blog!

With over a year of use case development under our belts, we’ve decided to round up some of the most popular use case blogs that have been written to date and showcase them in a single blog post.

When we compiled these statistics, it was very interesting to notice that the top use case blogs all had to do with three core use case themes and industries:

Business Development: SimplyCast’s Business Development use case allows businesses to streamline and automate their business development process. With this solution, you can eliminate manual business development tasks, reducing workload for sales and marketing staff.

COVID-19 Management: SimplyCast’s COVID-19 use case solutions allow organizations to facilitate and streamline the contact tracing and self-isolation processes in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The Patron Check-in use case aims to help provide a simple way for businesses to obtain time-stamped check-in data from visitors so they can provide the local health authorities with details of visitors in case there is a COVID-19 exposure within a specific time period.

The Cross-Border Traveler Follow-up use case facilitates the mandatory follow-ups for travelers and students who have arrived from elsewhere to verify they are self-isolating upon arrival as directed.

Hospital Emergency Resource Management: SimplyCast’s Emergency Staff Recall use case allows emergency management staff to automatically message hospital staff on email, SMS, and voice and ask them to respond to an emergency request for additional resources. 

Below you will find the list of the top 10 use case blogs from 2021!

Business Development:

Steps for an Efficient Business Development Management Strategy: This blog goes through how to set up an automated business development strategy for your organization using SimplyCast’s Business Development use case.

How to Enhance Your Real Estate Business Development Strategy: This blog shows how SimplyCast’s Business Development use case can be set up and used within the real estate industry.

COVID-19 Management:

12 Reasons to Digitize COVID-19 Cross-Border Travel Registrations: This blog provides a number of benefits for governmental organizations to deploy SimplyCast’s Cross-Border Traveler Follow-up use case for registering travelers to their jurisdiction and following up with any self-isolation protocols that may be in place.

Automate Self-isolation Checks for Returning Students in 5 Steps: This blog goes through the steps for how to set up an automated process for post-secondary schools to verify that students arriving from another jurisdiction are self-isolating as required before integrating with the school community, using Cross-Border Traveler Follow-up use case.

Paper vs. Digital Restaurant Contact Tracing: This blog explores some of the reasons why restaurants should implement a digital contact tracing system to check in patrons to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing efforts with help from SimplyCast’s Patron Check-in use case.

Top 5 Reasons to Leverage a Digital Restaurant Check-in Solution: This blog goes over some more reasons why a digital contact tracing solution like SimplyCast’s Patron Check-in solution is a good idea for restaurants to implement.

Hospital Emergency Resource Management:

Send Emergency Recalls to Hospital Staff to Mobilize Resources: This blog outlines the steps for building an automated staff recall solution for hospitals per SimplyCast’s Emergency Staff Recall use case where there is a lack of necessary resources on hand to deal with an emergency situation.

Critical Response Teams: Emergency Resource Management Explained: This blog explains how hospitals can use a digital solution for recalling additional personnel to work in the event of an emergency in order to increase efficiency and streamline operations with SimplyCast’s Emergency Staff Recall use case.

Want to learn more?

Have any of these use case blogs piqued your interest? These blogs represent only a fraction of the use case content we have developed over the past year and a half – from only a fraction of the use cases that have been created. Be sure to check out the main SimplyCast Blog to explore all the other use case content to find a solution that will work for your industry!

Click the button below to request a demo of the SimplyCast platform from our knowledgeable team and let us know if you have any use cases we can help you solve!

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