The Most Underused Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The Most Underused Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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Most Underused Marketing Tools

Are you using the best available tools to grow your business? Email marketing is now used by almost all small businesses, but it is not the only important tool to help you reach your customers and leads.

Small businesses may have limited resources, but there are many affordable tools that you should be taking advantage of. Marketing technology has progressed to a point where even the smallest business may utilize basic customer targeting and automated message management. Below are a few free and affordable tools that will simplify your marketing and boost your efficiency.

Targeted Landing Pages

Did you know that conversions increase when leads land on targeted landing pages? Leads who visit general landing pages often drop off without taking action. Leads who visit targeted landing pages, however, are more likely to take the desired action. You only have a few seconds to engage a visitor before they lose interest. To boost the effectiveness of your landing pages, target each page to a specific audience. Many free landing page tools have basic targeting options which help you gain more conversions. Provide a more relevant experience for each of your visitors and test different landing page strategies to see what works.

Integrated Contact Management

Having your contact management tools and your marketing tools in the same platform makes your marketing simpler and much more efficient. Many marketing platforms now offer integrated contact management at no additional cost. With integrated contact management, information collected from forms, surveys, email responses, online tracking, and other marketing campaigns is transferred directly to each contact's personal profile. Integration saves you the time of manually inputting and updating information. For a single staff member or a small team, handling information manually often takes up a large part of the day. Automating this process creates efficiency.

Automated Social Media Management

Social media is an integral part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. But social media requires a time commitment that some small businesses are unable to make. The good news is that social media posting is easily automated. You still have to respond to comments that are posted by visitors and you have to monitor your pages. Keeping your social media pages up to date, however, is simple. You create a series of posts and schedule them to go out over time. To visitors, your social media pages appear up to date and active. Your staff does not have to spend time constantly posting on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Free Online Surveys

One of the most effective ways to keep your customers satisfied is to ensure that you are listening to their feedback. It is important to listen to customers' needs and optimize your products and services based on those needs. Surveys are the simplest way to gather accurate and relevant feedback. Customers may not take the time to contact you with their feedback. If they do, your staff may be in for some lengthy phone calls! Surveys, on the other hand, are a way for customers to quickly and easily provide comments. There are many free survey tools available online. For best results, you should send out frequent surveys to your customers. Encourage participation by offering a small incentive, such as a coupon for completing the survey.

Live Chat

Ever thought about using a free live chat tool on your website? Live chat is a great way to engage visitors to your website. You may use it to answer questions, talk about your products or services or take feedback. Providing an easily accessible chat tool on your website enables visitors to quickly reach out when they want more information. It also saves your staff and your customers the time of talking on the phone.

Try These Tools for Free

There are different versions of each of these tools available online. SimplyCast offers these five tools and many more in a single all-in-one solution. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of the SimplyCast platform. Many of the tools we offer are available in a free package. If you want other features or additional functionality, you may purchase a customized plan. There is no risk and no obligation.

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