Use Automation to Explode Your Automotive Sales

Use Automation to Explode Your Automotive Sales

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Use Automation to Explode Your Automotive Sales

Automotive salespeople are the heart and soul of any dealership, assisting customers to choose a vehicle that is well-suited to their needs, sharing their knowledge and closing deals. But many salespeople find it difficult to follow up with internet leads, due to a lack of time or technical knowledge.

A huge percentage of people looking to buy a vehicle now research vehicles online before visiting any dealerships. Often, people will visit a dealership's website and will request to receive more information about a particular vehicle. These visitors are called "internet leads" and they should be contacted promptly in order to follow up. However, as many salespeople are busy with in-store customers throughout the day and many are not trained on internet sales techniques, these valuable prospects are often neglected.

In order to provide a more complete customer experience and fully engage with the modern customer, automotive salespeople must engage and stay connected through new methods. This is where the 360 Automation Manager comes in. Trying to contact internet leads can be difficult and time-consuming so let this easy-to-use platform do it for you.

You can set up signup forms on your website in a matter of minutes, where customers can simply select the vehicle(s) they would like to receive information about and the 360 Automation Manager will automatically send them messages based on the vehicles they selected. No need to create extra work for already busy salespeople. Let them focus on customers in the dealership, while the platform follows up with your online leads right away. Save hundreds of hours of valuable time with targeted automation.

Contacting customers in a way which suits their lifestyle gives your dealership that extra edge to keep customers coming back. The 360 Automation Manager currently integrates email, SMS messaging and voice messaging so you can better meet your customers' communication needs.

The 360 Automation Manager also sends time-delayed messages so you are able to follow up with customers who have purchased a vehicle and maintain that important relationship. Simply create messages and schedule them to send after a certain amount of time has passed. You can use this to send service reminders, special deals and more. Customers automatically receive optimally timed messages based on their individual purchase dates, so they feel well looked-after.

Your salespeople are great when it comes to personal communication and effective sales techniques; that's why you hired them. In 2013, however, there is so much more to the customer experience than that first time the customer comes into the dealership. The 360 Automation Manager can help your salespeople automatically follow up on leads and stay engaged with customers while saving time and helping to develop lasting professional relationships.


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