How to Use a Recall System for College Communications

How to Use a Recall System for College Communications

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Recall System

One of the biggest struggles that colleges are going through right now is keeping up with communicating to their students. Being able to communicate with your students should be a high priority. College isn’t like elementary school, middle school, or high school where you only need to be able to communicate to a few hundred students. Colleges need to be able to effectively communicate to thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of students.

SimplyCast offers many automated communication tools and Recall is one of the most useful tools that are offered. In this blog, we will go over the definition of Recall, some examples of how a recall system can be used, and why you should be using the tool.

What is Recall and how can it be used?

The Recall application is one of SimplyCast’s emergency software tools. Recall is used to send out a mass recall notice to a group of contacts to gather resources. After the message is sent, each recipient can reply stating whether or not they are able to respond to the resource request. There are many different features within a recall system that allow you to customize the campaign exactly how you want. For example, the tool allows you to set the exact number of responders needed for a situation. If five responders are needed, you can set the limit to five and the campaign will end automatically once the desired number of responders has been reached.  

Although a recall system is primarily designed for emergency situations, there are other ways you can use our Recall software. You can use Recall for whenever a group of individuals are needed to be rallied. Let’s go over an example for college communications.

Use a recall system for events

Since a lot of college classes have been shifted toward more of an online format, there are a lot fewer students on campus. In some cases, there are no students on campus at all. This makes it hard for colleges to keep students engaged. Colleges usually keep students engaged by hosting events on campus such as movie nights, guest speakers, or exercise classes. If you are able to follow social distancing guidelines, you can still host these events, but you may just need to take some further precautions.

One of these precautions that you can take is using a recall system. If you create a web form that students can fill out giving their contact information, then you can create a recall campaign that will help confirm their attendance. For example, let’s say that you want to host a yoga class for 10 students. Students can fill out the web form to express interest in the class and everyone who submitted the form will receive a recall notice a couple days or a day in advance. The first 10 students who respond to the recall notification confirming their attendance will make up the class.

A yoga class is just an example, but using a recall system could be useful for any event you are looking to host. No matter the size of your event, SimplyCast provides you with all of the tools necessary to create an efficient recall campaign.

Why should you use Recall?

Using Recall for non-emergency situations helps you prepare for when there is an emergency. It's as simple as that. In the case of an emergency on campus, SimplyCast’s Alerts tool could be used to notify all students. Recall is a good tool to use for communicating with staff to request any necessary resources to help deal with the emergency. If you need to urgently rally a group of staff members, Recall is the way to go. If you’re used to the software and know how to use it during non-emergency events, you will be a lot more comfortable using it when there is an actual emergency.

All in all, recall systems can be used for many different purposes. Whether the purpose is for an emergency or not, SimplyCast provides you with recall software to get the job done. College communications can be difficult but our automated communication tools can make it easier for you and everyone involved.

Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo with a member of our sales team and see how your college can use Recall. Let us know if you have another college communications use case and we can show you how SimplyCast can solve it with our all-in-one platform!

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