SimplyCast Blog: Version 7.5 of SimplyCast Is All About CRM Integration

Version 7.5 of SimplyCast Is All About CRM Integration

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Good Monday everyone, are you ready for the latest SimplyCast release news? Sure you are. Version 7.5 is here and even though there is not a long list of additions, there are certainly meaningful ones. Namely when it comes to CRM integration and having access to your client data stored on various client management services.

We recently added SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics to the options you have for list uploading in our list manager.

Now the team has included integration with NetSuite CRM, Zoho CRM, and vtiger CRM. Version 7.5 Of SimplyCast Is All About CRM Integration

What this means is once you log in to your account and go to add or import a client list on the list manager, you can now seamlessly pull data from any one of these CRM solutions into SimplyCast and then send a targeting online campaign to clients. The great part is, as you know, we offer so many options to reach clients on several methods of communication. Whether you want to send a newsletter, an online survey, a fax blast, a SMS message or even a voice message, we have what you need.

A simple example would be, needing to send an email newsletter through SimplyCast, but the client list you want to target is stored in your Zoho account? No problem, just choose the Zoho option in the list manager and enter your Zoho login credentials.

Version 7.5 Of SimplyCast Is All About CRM Integration

As of now, all of our integrations are one-way data uploads into SimplyCast, but the plan is to eventually make these integrations two-way to make list management even easier.

To date SimplyCast offers CRM integration with the following:






MS Dynamics




If the integration you want is not listed, don't worry, We are adding more constantly until we have every option covered. Please do make a request and our team can update you on when it is coming.

Other 7.5 additions that you will notice - New login page that offers sign up or login with Twitter, Facebook, Google + or Yahoo.

Happy online marketing.

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