Amplifying Viral Web Video Marketing with Automation

Amplifying Viral Web Video Marketing with Automation

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Viral Web Video Marketing

 Web video marketing is getting more and more popular. It's safe to say that video marketing and online marketing in general are taking a front seat in current marketing strategies. Viral web marketing is prominent and video is the most recognized type. So how can web video marketing go even more viral and spread even further? It can do this with the power of marketing automation. Automation presents opportunities and allows sharing over channels that viral marketing normally doesn't take into account. It meshes digital marketing with viral strategies, and even allows for automated posting to social media to ensure that as many people as possible see the video. It can also allow for advanced tracking of the interactions with the marketing material and store information about those interactions. Here are some specific methods one can use that would benefit viral marketing through the versatility and power of automation.

1. Automated Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be automated through a multi-channel marketing platform. This allows a viral video to be pushed more than once in a short time. If part of the intended audience isn't around or misses the post they can pick it up the next time. As well, the posts that precede or follow the video could contain additional information about the product or service featured and a link to a landing page where leads can learn more. That kind of consistent exposure and supporting information can take a fifteen minutes of fame video and turn it into a memorable ad for a previously unknown brand. Social media gets people talking about the video, and is easily shared as well. Social media is so prevalent now that it's a source of general marketing and word of mouth, even more so for viral web video marketing.

2. Show Your Email List

Some people don't check social media that often or for whatever reason may have missed your postings. Maybe they haven't even reached the newsfeed. How can you spread the word about your video and help your web video marketing strategy? Well, you can link to it in your newsletter or in a special email to your mailing list. Maybe even make them the first to see it. On top of that, with some multi-channel platforms emails include social sharing, allowing people to share the newsletter with folks you haven't contacted before. You could even encourage sharing, telling contacts that anyone who shares the newsletter is entered in a draw or contest. This will give the customer incentive and the opportunity to interact further for showing others your video. This marketing tactic will also net you several new leads who saw the video and want to know more. Email is a surprisingly versatile tool for a video marketing campaign. A word of caution, however: don't try to embed the video in your email. Often, email clients will sift out iFrames as spam and they won't ever be received.

3. Track Your Success

When it comes to web video marketing, a lot of videos that went viral were continued past their time when they stopped being as relevant. Instead of spending money on a campaign that's winding down, it's best that you cut it off before it reaches a certain point. Based on your marketing budget, you know what that point is. By using web tracking and reporting, you'll be able to do just that. Knowing how many link clicks you get, and following those numbers to find out how many conversions came out of those clicks is the best way to know for sure. Take the hard numbers from a good report and apply them so that when clicks begin to slow, and conversions peter out, you can kill the project before it takes a nosedive and costs you more than you'd like.

Boost Your Web Video Marketing with Automation

These three methods make viral marketing that much more effective. When you consider that the web video marketing and information gathering that's joined to it then opens the door for direct marketing to the new leads collected that way, suddenly the viral marketing campaign becomes something that moves into a more important role. By putting out sensational, shareable content, you connect with people who otherwise hadn't heard of you, and in time become a household name. Marketing automation makes web video marketing easier and more efficient. To learn more about video marketing, contact us and also check out this industry page. In order to look into marketing automation and the features our platform offers, look at this marketing automation page.

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