What to Do After You Hit Send

What to Do After You Hit Send

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The copy is done, you have checked it twice, the send button gets clicked, and your email marketing campaign is spreading quickly around the Internet.

Congratulations on a job well done. But the real work is not finished yet.

You still need to track and evaluate your statistics after every single campaign you send.

By using those stats to determine a baseline of what is normal, you can then tell whether things are better or worse over time and adjust.

Below are some questions you should ask yourself after each campaign you send out.

Post-Campaign Checklist

How many emails failed to be successfully delivered? If it is an abnormally high number of emails bounced you could be having deliverability issues.

Are you tracking how many people signed up for your service or purchased a product based on the campaign you sent out? You can easily do this by creating a unique coupon code that people enter when they sign up after reading the email.

What was the open rate for the campaign, and how does it compare to a normal open rate? Did anything change?

If people didn't open your email, how could you change future campaigns to improve open rates? Try to think of how you would react as a reader seeing the email subject line for the first time.

How many people normally unsubscribe from each campaign? Be honest with yourself on this number. It is important to keep accurate numbers even if they are not what you want them to be. Did the campaign result in more or less unsubscribes than usual? Do you know why people are unsubscribing?

Is there a particular day that seems to work best for your campaigns? If you always send on a Tuesday and are not pleased with the results, try another day and compare.

Are you following the trend data that SimplyCast's email marketing software provides? Here you can easily see clicks, unsubscribes, who forwarded to a friend and the number of web views for each campaign in a simple-to-read graph.

By asking yourself all of these important questions after each campaign, you will not only get an idea of how your readers react to your efforts but you will be able to pinpoint areas that could be improved.

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