Why You Should Automate Your Email Newsletter Marketing

Why You Should Automate Your Email Newsletter Marketing

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Automate Your Email Newsletter Marketing

Sending email newsletters is a great way to stay top of mind and build brand trust with your subscribers; by providing details about the inner workings of your business, sharing some sneak peeks into events and product launches that may be on the horizon, and any other information that will keep subscribers engaged with your business.

Automation can greatly improve your email newsletter marketing strategy by allowing you to consolidate a lot of the manual tasks associated with newsletter management into a single solution. Automation can help reduce the time spent on sending your newsletters manually and help you target your newsletters to your audience. Here are just a few benefits for incorporating automation into your email newsletter marketing strategy.

1. Boost Efficiency and Accuracy

Creating an email newsletter can be a time-consuming task in and of itself, but distributing the newsletter manually also takes up valuable time for email marketers. As well, copying all your subscribers email addresses onto a single send of your newsletter, while slightly more efficient, raises concerns over privacy and the increased risk for human error when inputting email addresses.

An automated email newsletter marketing solution allows marketers to create their email newsletter in a robust email builder and use the interconnected contact manager to send the newsletter to a list of all subscribers easily and accurately without worrying about sending to duplicate, incorrect, or unsubscribed contacts.

2. Leverage Personalization

Generic email newsletters may cause subscribers’ eyes to glaze over as they attempt to read through a bunch of information that may not even apply to or interest them.

Automating your business’s email newsletter marketing strategy doesn’t mean you have to forgo any of the personalization you may have added to each newsletter on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. When you collect your newsletter subscribers’ information via an online method such as an online form, it allows you to collect personal information such as their location and areas of interest. This information then gets stored in the contact manager automatically and you can use it to personalize your newsletters, such as by including their names and automatically sending them only the information they are interested in or that applies to their respective location.

3. Maintain Information Security

Your newsletter subscribers’ personal and contact information needs to be kept secure and it can be difficult to do so if you are relying on spreadsheets or printed lists of subscriber email addresses.

With an automated newsletter management solution, all subscriber data is kept in a secure online database and all emails sent to them are encrypted. This means you can be sure that all information you manage will be stored safely and protected.

4. View Real-time Insights

An automated email newsletter marketing solution will provide you with reports, allowing you to easily see who opened any newsletters and their level of engagement with the messages. These reports will help you gauge the effectiveness of your email newsletters and will provide you with the insight you need to optimize them in order to achieve a higher engagement and click-through rate.


Need an automated email newsletter marketing solution?

SimplyCast has used its all-in-one engagement automation platform to build an all-in-one email newsletter marketing solution leveraging our CRM, Form Builder, and Email tools, that can be used by any company who regularly creates and sends out email newsletters to their subscribers. The solution can be modified and customized to meet the requirements of each individual company to provide a seamless newsletter creation and management experience.

To check out how to use SimplyCast’s automated email newsletter marketing solution to facilitate your email newsletter strategy, be sure to click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our team!

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