Why You Should be Using SMS Marketing

Why You Should be Using SMS Marketing

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Why you should be using SMS marketing

Do you want to market to a lot of people but are unsure of how to do so? There are lots of options to choose from, with some options being extremely expensive, or others that are cheap and do not seem to be as effective. For example, you can see here how SMS compares to MMS marketing options.

This is where SMS marketing software comes in. Not only is SMS software effective and extremely easy to use, it does not break the bank. Being a simple yet effective way of marketing, it makes it easier for you to market to a larger number of people. You can set up different SMS messages that can relay different information to specific customers. 

For SMS marketing to be successful, it needs to include the following, or else you risk getting fewer interactions or, even worse, losing customers.

Personalization of SMS messages

When seeing an advertisement for a product or receiving the ad via SMS, everyone likes to feel that the product or item was made for them. This is done by making the advertisements more personalized to the recipient. On top of that, it also allows for you to be able to build better and stronger relationships with your customers ensuring that they always come back.

But now the question is how do you personalize an SMS message for so many different people without it being too time consuming or costly?

This can be done with the use of merge tags. A merge tag is something that allows you to personalize SMS messages to each recipient by adding individual names, titles, cities, as well as any other information that can be found in a contact’s CRM profile.

This is extremely useful for SMS marketing, as it allows you to add that personal touch to each message, making your customers feel more appreciated.

Ability to schedule SMS sends

Another very important feature for SMS marketing is the ability to schedule when you want your campaign to send. Whether that be in a day, a week, or right after the creation of the campaign, it is important to have the process automated so it relies less on you and eliminating the risk of your forgetting to send it.

Having the ability to schedule when the SMS is sent out is very important and very useful as it takes more out of your hands, leading to a less stressful time. Once you create a SMS campaign and choose when you want it sent, you can leave the rest to the software.

This will help you be able to reduce the time and effort spent on the campaign, allowing you to put focus elsewhere – helping you become more successful and more stress free.

Use of keywords and shortcodes

Allowing those who have received your SMS messages to be able to request more information or to get in contact with you, is the difference between a successful and failed campaign. If the recipient is unable to find out more, or cannot interact with the message, they are more likely to opt-out.

This is why keywords and shortcodes are so important. They allow the recipient of the message to send a specific word back to the number to request more information on the subject. In turn, allowing you to give more information that could not be sent over SMS, helping you convert more customers into loyal ones.

Building stronger connections with the customers leads to them wanting to come back for more and decreases the chances of opt-outs and the loss of customers.

Still looking for the right SMS marketing software for you?

Finding the right SMS marketing software can be a difficult task and a stressful one at that. But lucky for you, that is where SimplyCast’s SMS Marketing Software comes in!

SimplyCast not only includes all the important features that are listed above, but it includes even more options for helping you build the best campaigns possible. Thanks to SimplyCast being a low-code solution, it makes your life even easier, allowing all the work to be done from the simplicity of your computer.

Interested in learning more? Click the button below to be able to talk to a SimplyCast team member today and request a demo!

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