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Can I access statistics in a .CSV or .XLS/XLSX format?

Can I access statistics in a .CSV or .XLS/XLSX format?

Yes, you can access statistics in a .csv for .xls/xlsx format. The report details page will allow you to export your report statistics.

How can I get these?

This is accessible through the Email "Reports" tab. Click the "Open" button next to the campaign that you would like to view. When the individual campaign report comes up, click "Download."

How is the report laid out?

Results are exported to Comma Separated Values (.csv) format, which can be opened by most spreadsheet or database programs such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.

Will this continue to be available as reporting changes?

We are in the process of upgrading our reporting and .CSV at the very least will continue to be accessible in the new reporting.

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