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What do the columns in Sonar’s Web Tracking interface mean?

There are a number of columns on the Sonar Web Tracker interface.

Description - A general description of the tracker set by the customer.

Destination - The URL that the user will be taken to once the tracking link has been followed.

Status - Current status of the web tracker.

Total Clicks - Total clicks for the web tracker.

Unique Clicks- Total unique clicks, only one unique click can be registered by one person.

Created - Date the web tracker was created.

Type - Type of web tracker (tracking link, pixel, or custom tracking link).

Once an item is selected, a number of action buttons appear at the top.

New - Create a new web tracker.

Edit - Modify existing web trackers.

Disable- Toggle a web tracker to disabled.

Reports - View detailed reports on the selected tracker.

Delete - Remove the existing tracker.

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