How to find out my IP address is blacklisted: If your email delivery rates have diminished lately, you may be wondering how to check if your IP address has been blacklisted. With SimplyCast, it’s easy. We monitor your IP address or multiple IP addresses and check them against over 40 of the most common blacklists.

Login to your SimplyCast account (or create a new one for free if you do not have one yet) and click “Blacklist Monitor.” Click “Monitor New IP” and enter your IP address. Check the “Check Now” box to have the IP address immediately checked.

How to check blacklisted IP address manually: You can manually check your IP(s) against blacklists as often as you wish by simply clicking the “Check Now” that appears next to your IP address. The system will perform a check for you and display your blacklist information. You can monitor as many IP addresses as you wish at a time.