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How do I set up an automated call?

To set up your automated call, first you need to decide whether you would like to upload an audio file from your device to your project, or whether to use the text-to-speech function that is available.

If you choose to upload a file, make sure it is formatted as an MP3, WAV, or Ogg file.

The text-to-speech functionality allows you to type out the message you want to send and choose from a selection of natural-sounding automated voices.

Once you have your message set up, here are the next steps in creating your automated call:

  • Choose whether you want to leave a message should the automated call encounter an answering machine
  • Choose the unsubscribe option you would like to give your contacts. (You must give them the option to unsubscribe per CASL regulations)
  • Select the contact list to which you would like the automated call to be sent.
  • Modify your sending time if you do not wish the call to be made immediately.
  • Review the estimated cost of your phone call and make sure the settings all have a green check mark beside them and are set to your specifications

Complete your project and you are ready to send your first automated call.

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