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How do you create a new section on the canvas?

new section icon

  • Locate the "Create a New Section on the Canvas" icon in the toolbar above the canvas. The Sections icon is the second icon to the left next to the "Create a New Note on the Canvas" icon.
  • Either click the Sections icon or drag and drop it into the canvas to create a new section, indicated in the canvas by a box made of dashed lines. You can move the section around on the canvas by dragging and dropping it with your mouse.

section around a couple 360 elements

  • When you select the section by clicking the border of the box, three new fields will appear in the Element Settings section of the Settings Panel.
  • The first field is the Border Color field, where you can change the color of the section's border.
  • The second field is the Border Style field. This is where you can choose whether the section's border will consist of a solid line, dashed lines, or dotted lines. Choose your preferred border style from the dropdown menu provided.
  • The third field is the Border Width field. This is where you can choose whether the section's border will be 1 pixel, 2 pixels, or 3 pixels in length. Choose your preferred border width from the dropdown menu provided.
  • You can also adjust the size of the section. To do this:
    • Click on the section's border and locate the arrows on the bottom and right sides of the note.
    • To adjust the section's height, drag the downward-facing arrow up and down.
    • To adjust the section's width, drag the right-facing arrow to the right or left.

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