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Entrepreneur Forum SimplyCast Testimonial

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May 13, 2014

Kyle Jackson, Operations Coordinator at the Entrepreneurs Forum has a lot of great things to say about SimplyCast.As he will mention, we began as a client of the Forum, and they went on to begin a relationship with SimplyCast to boost their email marketing into an effective, engaging tool. Kyle is a valued customer who we asked to tell us what he thought about SimplyCast, and give customers an idea of the capability of our application from the perspective of a client instead of just listening to us toot our own horn. We're happy to have Entrepreneurs Forum on board, happy to be helping them serve other companies starting in Nova Scotia.

Let Kyle tell you all about his experience with us, an experience we are proud to say he has glowing things to say in regard to.SimplyCast is dedicated to your success as well! Come find out what we can do for you at And see what it was that interested Kyle and Entrepreneurs Forum so much that they gave us a try that resulted in a strong relationship and a happy Kyle!

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