SimplyCast Launches Secure Data Access Framework

SimplyCast Launches Secure Data Access Framework

March 31, 2015

The secure data access framework enables customers to synchronize SimplyCast's system with other systems that they use in order to automatically keep important information up to date.

The framework automatically sends information whenever an event happens in the SimplyCast system that affects or changes information in the secondary system. The message will include what event happened, what information it affects and the time at which it happened.

The messages are completely customizable based on customer specifications. Once the synchronization is set up, information is automatically updated in the way that the customer prefers.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, March 31, 2015 -, a global leader in multi-channel marketing Platform-as-a-Service solutions, is excited to launch the new secure data access framework.

The framework enables customers to synchronize the SimplyCast system with other systems that they use. When events happen in the SimplyCast system, the framework sends a JSON message about that event to the customer's other system. A developer is required to set up a page to receive and process these messages. Customers decide exactly how they want the incoming information to be handled by their system. The framework may be used to trigger events in the customer's secondary system whenever a task is completed in the SimplyCast system.

All messages are sent as secure HTTPS POST requests. An example of how the framework would function is if a new contact was created in the SimplyCast system. The framework will then send out a message alerting the customer's other system that a contact has been created. The message will inform the system what event occurred (contact creation), provide relevant information about the event (the contact's details) and include the time at which the event took place.

"This new secure data access framework helps customers keep their essential information up to date immediately with no effort," said Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO of SimplyCast. "All messages are sent securely, allowing even more third-party systems to work with SimplyCast."

The framework is useful for keeping systems synchronized and maintaining up to date information automatically. It saves time by automating the process of transferring updated information and inputting that information. The framework handles a variety of messages, including contact creation, contact metadata changes, note and task creation, list creation and edits, event creations and more.

About SimplyCast is a leading provider of interactive and multi-channel communication software for organizations worldwide. The company's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform is a feature-rich solution combining marketing automation, inbound marketing, and interactive communication. With customers in over 175 countries, including many of the most recognized brand names around the globe in retail, non-profit and hospitality industries, SimplyCast provides organizations the ability to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication.

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