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What is an endpoint and how is it used?

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What is an endpoint?

Are you asking yourself, "What is an endpoint?"?

An endpoint is configured when working with the SDA (Push API) and is the destination point where we send or 'Push' your data, for example:

There are a few items that need to be configured when setting an endpoint. Firstly you'll need to give it a name for your own records, as well as an endpoint URL which is a web address where we will send your data. Lastly, you'll determine the desired Transfer Protocol as well as the Encoding type. We'll provide you with a secret key for this specific endpoint, and you'll also configure what specific resource types you would like to be updated about when they're updated.

What are the Push API resource types?

A Push API Resource Type is a piece of information about a contact which can be monitored to send updates when changes occur. Typical Resource Types, for example, would be when a contact is created, updated, or deleted, but could also include things like list creation, modification, or deletion. For a full list of usable Push API Resource types see below.



When a contact is created


When a piece of contact data is changed or updated


When a contact is deleted

Lists ChangedWhen a contact changes lists

Contact Metadata


When a piece of contact Metadata is changed or updated



When a new list is created


When an existing list is changed or updated


When a list is deleted

Timeline Events


When a timeline event is created



When a new note is created about a contact


When an existing note is deleted



When a task is created


When an existing task is changed or modified


When an existing task is deleted

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