How do I cancel an email that is already queued to send out?

How do I cancel an email that is already queued to send out?

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In the SimplyCast platform, it is a simple process to cancel an email project that's scheduled to send but has not started the sending process. It is slightly more difficult to cancel an email project once it is in the process of sending.

How to cancel an email project:

Enter the SimplyCast Email application and click on the "Management" tab. Here, each of the email campaigns that you have created will be shown in a table, along with their sending statuses.

In this table, find the pending campaign that you want to cancel, and under the "Actions" column click the "Cancel" button to cancel the email. A pop-up window will appear asking you whether you wish to cancel the email send. Click the blue OK button to proceed with the cancellation, which will close the pop-up window and remove the email project from the Management table. Or, if you do not wish to cancel the email project, click the gray Cancel button to close the pop-up window without canceling the email. You will be taken back to the Management page and the email campaign will still be located in the table.

If your email campaign is already in the process of sending, you will have to contact our customer care team. They are the only ones who can cancel an email project midway through the sending process. Cancelling an email project that is already in the process of sending will not prevent the receipt of, or recall any emails that may have been sent prior to the SimplyCast team's intervention. It will only prevent the sending of the rest of the emails that are in the sending queue.

For more information on the SimplyCast Email application, or if you have any further questions regard the email send process, be sure to contact us!

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