Is my IP blocklisted? How can I find out?

Is my IP blocklisted? How can I find out?

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Is my IP blocklisted?

If your email delivery rates have diminished lately, you may be asking yourself this question. If you are wondering about the state of your IP address, you might be for a blocklist IP check tool to see whether your IP address has been flagged. With the SimplyCast platform, checking IP addresses is easy. The platform includes a Blocklist IP Monitor that you are able to use if you're asking "Is my IP blocklisted?" that will monitor your IP address or multiple IP addresses, and check them against over 40 of the most common blocklists.

Log in to your SimplyCast account (or create a new one for free if you do not have one yet) and select Blocklist Monitor from the Applications dropdown menu. Click the "Add New IP Address" button and enter your IP address or any IP address you wish to check in the sidebar window that appears. Click the green Create button to close the sidebar and save the new IP address.

To view whether the IP address has been blocklisted, select the arrow button next to the blue Edit button and choose the View Report option from the dropdown menu that appears. You will be brought to the report for that IP address, which will show you a list of all the blocklists it has been checked against. If the name of the blocklist is in red, this means that the IP address has been listed. You will be able to see the date the IP address was last checked against the list, as well as how long it has been since the IP address has been listed on the specific blocklist. Click the Info option to view the steps for getting the IP address removed from the blocklist.

Hopefully now you won't have to ask yourself "Is my IP blocklisted?" as you have access to a tool that can easily help you perform a blocklist check. Contact us if you have any other questions about the Blocklist Monitor tool!


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