Capture Tourist Feedback

Capture Tourist Feedback


  • After a tourist books a vacation, that the end of it right? Think again. Travel agencies and destinations need to acquire valuable feedback from tourists once they return from their trips in order to ensure they are continuing to provide the best value to future tourists. How can this feedback be received easily and efficiently once tourists are back home?

We Can Help

  • Send automated surveys
  • Encourage responses with incentives

Here's How

Allowing tourists to give feedback after they've returned home will allow the opportunity for honest and impartial feedback, and offering an additional incentive, such as a gift card to an online business or retail chain, offers additional motivation for tourists to share their experiences.

  1. Capture Tourist Information

    When a tourist books their accommodations at a destination, their information can be deposited within the CRM. This can be done either by using a signup form in the marketing automation platform, an integrated CRM, or an inbound API.

  2. Send a Survey

    A delay can be set so that a tourist will not receive any communications until after they’ve returned home from their trip. At this point, a survey can be sent asking for their input on their stay, with a clear call-to-action referencing the incentive they’ll receive if they offer their opinion.

  3. Thank Them with a Follow-up Email

    Once the survey is submitted, an email will automatically be sent to a tourist, offering thanks for their feedback and linking them to where they are able to receive their incentive. Due to receiving something for their opinion, a tourist will feel valued, and a destination can use the data to improve their services for future customers.

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