Connect With Guests After Events

Connect with Guests After Events

Connect With Guests After Events


  • It is important that your event attendees have a good experience at your event - and that includes the post-event experience as well. How can you prevent guests from forgetting about your organization after an event and gain valuable feedback to help you improve future events?

We Can Help

  • Keep guests engaged after events
  • Build loyalty
  • Avoid falloff

Here's How

After the event, thank guests who have attended and send them promotions to keep them engaged. Re-engage guests who did not attend the event with personalized messages to ensure that they don't fall off.

  1. Identify Guests Who Attended the Event and Those Who Didn’t

    You don’t want leads to just fall off after the event, so it is essential to continue the conversation. Your system shows you who attended by identifying who presented a ticket or clicked a specific link. This way, you are able to automatically tell who attended the event and who missed it.

  2. Thank Guests Who Attended and Gain Feedback

    Any guests who are marked as having attended the event receive a thank you message and any accompanying promotions, special services, or information you choose to include. It is useful to send a link to a survey so guests can provide their feedback about the event. This information helps you improve future events and also keeps the event fresh in the mind of those who attended.

  3. Reach Out to Guests Who Missed the Event

    Any guests who did not attend receive a message going over the highlights of the event. Keep them updated about any important information or opportunities they may have missed. It is also helpful to find out why each guest was not able to attend.

  4. Entice Guests with Links and Calls to Action

    The recipient should have links and calls to action to click on in the follow-up message. Whenever a link is clicked, that information is stored in the guest’s personal profile. You will know who has interacted with your emails and which links they have clicked. Their interactions show you what they are interested in so you know how to connect with them most effectively.

  5. Win Back Guests Who Have Not Interacted

    If the guest has not interacted at all with your messages, send them a message with a value proposition, special promotion, or personalized offer. If they do not respond to that message, you can connect with them through a personal phone call to keep the communication going. A task is automatically created for your staff to follow up with any guest who is tagged as unresponsive. You can directly and easily manage these tasks through the CRM.

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