Grow Loyalty with Personalized Emails

Grow Loyalty with Personalized Emails

Grow Loyalty with Personalized Emails


  • Simplifying the newsletter signup process and avoiding potential subscribers dropping off due to complexity or length is important to maintaining a strong relationship with your clients and leads. After a signup, build loyalty and gain more conversions. How can you automate this process to cut down on the manual work each month?

We Can Help

  • Simplify sign-ups
  • Improve newsletter engagement
  • Personalize messaging

Here's How

Using a simple signup process and personalized emails help attract and retain more email newsletter subscribers. Automatically personalize the email newsletter flow based on each subscriber's interaction with the emails. Personalized emails reduce unsubscribe rates and boost conversions. Automated contact management keeps information organized, and an automated unsubscribe process helps businesses stay compliant with anti-spam regulations.

  1. Set Up a Simple Newsletter Signup Process

    Create a simple signup process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can engage your subscribers with different communication methods, such as SMS and email. Subscribers can specify their preferred method of communication, so this way they get information in the form you know they will read.

  2. Automatically Organize Subscriber with Personal Profile

    The subscriber is now registered to receive your monthly newsletters. As the subscriber moves through your email newsletter process, their interactions are tracked. All information gathered is stored in a personal profile so you can target each subscriber based on their unique interests. Marketing automation enables you to effectively nurture leads.

  3. Instantly Welcome New Subscribers

    After signing up, the subscriber immediately receives a welcome/thank you email. Based on how the subscriber interacts with your emails, you can reach out to them with personalized content. As you learn more about each subscriber, you can send personally targeted promotions and recommend specific products based on previous purchases.

  4. Easily Manage Your Email Schedule

    Delays are very useful for email newsletter campaigns. If you send email after email without any delay, the subscriber may feel overwhelmed and may unsubscribe. The subsequent timed emails ensure that you periodically touch base and make sure the subscriber does not feel abandoned.

  5. Re-engage Subscribers with Personalized Content

    Reconnect with the subscriber through a second email. This email newsletter contains entertaining or informative content to keep the lead interested. You can A/B test different emails to see which content is more effective. Marketing automation helps you optimize your content by providing email metrics and detailed analytics of each email campaign.

  6. Promptly Engage Subscribers Who Have Fallen Off

    You can use email or other forms of communication to re-engage customers. Try creating call flows, or use SMS messaging to address any issues they might be having. If the subscriber becomes active, move them into the active email newsletter flow.

  7. Customize Newsletter Flows Based on Your Subscribers Responses

    After the initial setup and welcome email, you can customize your email send dates and delays however you want. We recommend A/B testing different send times and intervals to see which ones are the most effective. You can also set a 30 day recurring trigger to remind your team to create new content for each monthly email newsletter.

  8. Build a Stronger Relationship with Each Subscriber

    No more manually tracking and segmenting each subscriber. Marketing automation tracks and stores all your subscribers' email and website interactions and purchases. You can automatically send out targeted emails without spending a lot of time organizing. Your software shows you who is a hot lead and who needs to be reached out to again.

  9. Nurture Subscribers with Personally Targeted Information

    Once you have an active subscriber, you can easily connect your newsletter flow to a nurture flow in order to qualify sales leads. This process is described in the General Lead Nurturing flow.

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