Product Feedback Data Gathering

Product Feedback Data Gathering


  • Collecting useful and product-specific feedback can be a challenging process. Most solutions can’t address both customer history and new responses. SimplyCast presents the idea of a Product Feedback and Data Gathering use case, a dynamic process that can adapt to every customer and product.

We Can Help

  • Adapt surveys to client experiences
  • Streamline and track your surveying process
  • Make your surveys easily accessible

Here's How

By utilizing online forms and surveys to gather customer information on purchased products, either at the moment of contact, or an appointed time using a live feedback tool, companies can collect all responses at once.

  1. Signup

    An online form allows initial information about a customer to be collected and provides a chance to obtain consent from the customer to send them emails and other types of outreach.

  2. Initial Outreach

    Emails that can change to address a specific customer and adapt visible content based on their history, interests, and other records ensure that the initial call to action will draw customers in, ensuring their feedback is recorded.

  3. Dynamic Surveys

    By making use of conditional visibility in tandem with tracking data and other recorded information, the version of a survey that a customer sees can be customized to fit their situation as closely as possible. This allows you to ask the right questions and make the most out of responses.

  4. Live Surveys

    By leveraging the use of emails, text messages, and phone calls, potential customers in focus groups can be sent messages asking for specific responses, where they can answer live during the focus group session.

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Use Case Identification for Product Feedback Data Gathering

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