Send Travel Reminders

Send Travel Reminders


  • Travelling is always a fun occasion and people like to get information to remind them about the upcoming date. How can you ensure you are able to connect with all travelers who may be starting their trips on multiple different days?

We Can Help

  • Keep travelers informed
  • Send reminders automatically

Here's How

Send countdown reminders to your travelers. The reminders start a few days before the vacation in order to build excitement and increase engagement.

  1. Build your messages

    Write your messages in advance. Remember to keep them light-hearted and enthusiastic to get your travelers excited for their upcoming trip.

  2. Send Via the Right Channel

    Make sure you are sending your reminders to your travelers' preferred method of communication whether it is email or SMS. This ensures your messages are read.

  3. Build Excitement

    Start sending your countdown messages. You can use a timed delay to make sure your messages are sent as a countdown, increasing excitement. In your messages you can share tips and tricks with your travelers to help them prepare for their vacation.

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