Simplify Event Registration and Management

Simplify Event Registration and Management


  • Widen your pool of guests, reduce guest falloff and boost attendance for your events. Find out why some guests did not attend. Successfully promote your event and manage RSVPs.

We Can Help

  • Promote events
  • Manage RSVPs
  • Save time managing social media

Here's How

Build excitement and promote your event using pre-scheduled social media messages. Organize all guests RSVPs and tickets automatically, keep guests updated with timely reminders as the event approaches, and follow up after it happens.

  1. Create a Professional Event Landing Page

    Build a landing page using the SimplyCast 360 drag and drop tool. The landing page provides a branded experience for guests who sign up. I contains all relevant information about the event and a web form that guests can fill out to register. You can choose to sell tickets or limit the amount of guests depending on your needs.

  2. Provide Multiple Ways for Guests to Register

    In order to attract as many guests as possible, you need to have a few different ways for them to sign up. Event registration takes place either from a landing page or from a social media link.

  3. Keep Guests Informed and Engaged

    Automated reminders go out to all registered guests every few days as the event approaches. These reminders keep guests aware of the date and time so they don't forget. The messages also build excitement with information about the event such as guest speakers, contests, and more.

  4. Automate Social Media Management and Promotion

    You can reach many more potential guests on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. To save time, you can schedule messages in advance which are posted over time as the event approaches. Social media promotion helps drive more traffic to your event landing page so more guests will register.

  5. Keep Guests Excited During the Event

    Post social media messages while the event is taking place to share information with guests who are attending and guests who could not make it. You can also provide updates if the event schedule has changed or if you want to announce a contest winner.

  6. Follow Up With Guests Who Did Not Attend

    The system tracks who attended by recording who presented a ticket or clicked on a specific link. It is helpful for optimizing future event management to find out why certain guests did not attend. Any guests who did not attend will receive a message with a short survey asking why they did not take part in the event. This information will be automatically stored and organized so you can easily view the results. Also, thank you messages are sent to guests who did attend.

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