Increase Non-Profit Donations: Campaign Launchpad

Increase Non-Profit Donations: Campaign Launchpad

January 08, 2016

No matter what type of non-profit you are, one of the most important things is the donation button. With automation tools, you can create a fully automated process to handle non-profit donations as well as any other donor communications.

Using a signup form on your website, you can collect data on your donors after they have donated so you can send them follow-up campaigns. These campaigns can be calls for additional donations, or can be used to provide information on your non-profit organization. Remember to keep the signup form short and to the point. If a donor does choose to become a recurring donor, the system will automatically send them down a different path in the communication flow. At this point, you should present them with another form where they can create the rest of their donor profile. Now that they’re in the communication flow process, you can move donors over into a monthly communication flow that automatically sends them regular updates and reminders.

Creating these communication flows for non-profit donations is easy if you have the right automation software in place. SimplyCast 360 is an automated flow builder tool that uses drag and drop functionality to help you create a complex and sophisticated communication flow in minutes. It’s an all-in-one tool designed with ease-of-use in mind so that even non-technical users can create and update projects quickly and easily.

Want to improve your organization’s non-profit donations?

If you’re interested in learning more about how SimplyCast can help you to improve your organization’s non-profit donations, check out our industry page for Non-Profit Organizations. Should you have any questions about how automation can work for your organization, please contact us today and we would be happy to assist.

As well, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of the SimplyCast platform to see for yourself just how simple it is to use!

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