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In cases of emergencies, it's important to be able to quickly and effectively notify parties that may be affected. SimplyCast's Alerts channel, part of its emergency communication solution, allows you to send pre-made or ad-hoc messages over email, SMS, voice, and fax.

These alerts can be sent to notify emergency officials of an ongoing event and, if used in conjunction with the available contact management tools, you are able to send out mass alerts to subscribed members of the general public. And, with the advanced tracking system, you can see who received alerts and who missed out so you can take necessary steps. It comes with a built-in CRM to send customized alerts to different recipient groups.

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With Alerts, a mass notification software solution, you can send custom or pre-made notifications to targeted groups of individuals through the use of pre-made lists, selecting a geographical region from the map view, or through quick searches. You can also allow users to confirm their receipt of your notification to ensure the message reaches its target. 

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