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Instant Teleconference

Connect your entire team on one call

Create, schedule, and deploy a teleconference without a phone connection or any hardware

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Create, schedule, and deploy a teleconference without any phone connection or hardware

Even in today’s technically advanced era, teleconferencing is one of the most effective methods to connect with many people. However, doing teleconferencing manually is not a great idea when there are too many people involved. 

With SimplyCast’s Instant Teleconference tool, you can easily dial out and easily connect with desired participants quickly and effectively. Save time, gather information, and make important decisions. 

Quickly set up a conference call with all relevant and important personnel within minutes of a crisis or emergency. This feature of SimplyCast is unique in that it allows you to dial out to the people with whom you need to communicate rather than having to send out call-in numbers and codes to everyone. However, the module does also support standard dial-in teleconference participation. 

The platform is super easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use the software. 

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 Instant Teleconference

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After the instant teleconference has finished, you are able to view reports on the number of call attendees as well as the total length of the call. The teleconferences are also able to be recorded for later replay.

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