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Save time by scheduling bulk tweets, include trackable short URLs, and capture new leads with Twitter automation software.

Automate Your Twitter Engagement

As one of the trending social media channels, Twitter has the power millions of audiences worldwide. Therefore, managing your Twitter account and posts efficiently is a big deal.

With SimplyCast, you can easily schedule bulk tweets, see the engagement they receive, track vital data - such as link clicks. You can create weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly campaigns and include images with your tweets. Target specific group of followers to build greater engagement, interaction, and loyalty.

SimplyCast’s Twitter automation tool is easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software. Save time and look professional with Twitter automation software.

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Complete Solution

Simple Twitter Scheduling

Easily Create Campaigns Build all your Twitter campaigns in advance to optimize your time. With campaign creation view, you can set up Twitter campaigns on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. You have the option to review and organize all campaigns based on your specific campaign timeline. Set up beginning and end dates for campaigns. Our automated Twitter cross check ensures your character limits are maintained, and all features are enabled, in case you have forgotten something.
Upload Images Tweets with images can yield a higher engagement rate. Therefore, you can add images to each of your scheduled tweets. You can simply drag an image to the server storage and use the image from there. The image is stored in the secure server for further use.
Auto Scheduled Tweets Set up custom repeating tweet intervals and auto-follow function. Repeating tweets are useful for contests, promotions and big company news. You can even schedule them to post at organic times to avoid looking robotic or overly repetitive. Auto-follow is handy for building an engaged audience.
Insert Short URL Want your audience to visit a particular webpage, landing page, press release or blog post? Consider using a short URL in your tweets. You don’t need to create short links separately with SimplyCast. Just paste the long URL where you want it to be and SimplyCast will automatically create a trackable short URL for your Twitter posts.
Set Recurring Tweets An important feature of Twitter marketing automation is making sure you don't have to remember to post certain details like recurring dates and notices. When you post a message, you can set recurring tweets so that message will post again without you having to enter it again.
Automatically Add Followers SimplyCast's Twitter marketing tool offers a few ways to automatically add Twitter followers who already engaged with your feed. You can set it up so that anyone who retweets or replies to your message will be followed. You can also utilize the smart list and use various filters to narrow in on who you should be following.
Utilize Multiple Accounts You can use more than one account to post tweets from. All you need to do is to connect your accounts and select the one you want to post tweets from.
Download Report From the reporting dashboard, you can select Twitter campaigns and download detailed reports that includes your retweets, auto-follows, and other metrics. You can also check the engagement status via the trackable short URL reports.

SimplyCast Twitter Automation Informational Video

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Using SimplyCast Engagement Automation Platform is like having a marketing department that works 24/7 without holidays or vacation days. And it costs incomparably less.


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