Adapt to Survive: Has Your Marketing Evolved Yet?

Adapt to Survive: Has Your Marketing Evolved Yet?

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Has Your Marketing Evolved Yet

Marketing is an ever-changing world of consumer preferences and business strategies. When it first began, marketing was all about promotional flyers and brochures. Marketers then evolved to billboard and radio advertising, then eventually to television ads. Relationship marketing, in which the process focuses on creating a lasting connection with a customer rather than simply pushing more sales, did not evolve in the big business world until the 1980s. Marketing is now going through another huge shift, and businesses have never before been using marketing tools more dynamically.

Is your marketing evolving to engage the new consumer? People have had enough of mass advertising that has no connection with their unique needs. The new type of marketing targets each customer's needs, based on the constantly updated information. It's personalized, it's automated, it saves businesses time and money. And it's far more effective than mass marketing ever was. SimplyCast's CEO, Saeed El-Darahali, is attending the ClickZ Live San Francisco Conference for digital marketing to show the world how our solution helps you adapt your marketing effectively.

Marketing Automation: The Most Effective Adaptation Yet

This new and powerful type of marketing is based on marketing automation. Marketing automation enables you to automate many of the daily communication tasks that eat up so much time. It helps small businesses compete with much larger businesses by utilizing efficient processes and smart messaging. Using marketing automation, anyone can automate their communication and marketing campaigns, nurture their leads, manage their social media pages and much more.

There are many marketing automation solutions, but SimplyCast is an all-in-one solution. It includes over 15 tools that enable you to streamline your customer communication and reduce your daily workload. Since you have everything you need in a single solution, it is simple and affordable. There is only one bill to pay, and all your data and content is available in one central location.

Top 15 Best Practices to Survive and Thrive

Many small businesses are struggling to find the right tools at the right price that will enable them to grow and be successful. Small businesses have a limited budget, but they still require comprehensive lead nurturing and lead management, online marketing tools, and marketing automation. Without access to these essential tools, businesses fall behind and lose revenue. What do you need to stay ahead?

360 Preview

Personally targeted campaigns: With the ongoing use of big data by many businesses, customers now expect personalized messages. Personally targeted messages receive higher open and response rates than mass messages and they are more likely to lead to conversions and repeat business. SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one solution that enables you to run complex campaigns on multiple channels. Different messages are sent to each customer based on how they react to the first message, what information they include when they fill out signup forms, their survey responses, and all their stored data. Detailed reports are organized for you to view after each campaign goes out.

SimplyCast 360 can automate any marketing or lead nurturing process. It is very simple to use as you simply drag and drop in the elements you need. SimplyCast 360 is adaptable for any industry, and we offer simple API integration.

Multiple ways to engage your customers: Every customer is unique. Some have email but never answer their phone. Some spend long periods of their day on social media. A few do not have internet access. With an all-in-one solution, connect with customers in the most convenient way for them. The SimplyCast solution includes email, text messaging, voicemail, fax and social media. Having multiple communication channels in one enables you to maintain a connection with each of your customers and stay brand consistent over all channels.

Our tools feature easy drag and drop interfaces so you can create professional campaigns even if you're not tech savvy. Our email tool includes autoresponder functionality, has 95% delivery rate and includes pre-made templates for ease of use. Our voicemail tool has a text to speech feature if you don't have recording technology. Everything you need for effective and easy communication is already built into our platform.


Contact management and lead nurturing: These are the basis of almost all your marketing efforts. Without powerful contact management, you can't keep track of your customers and leads. Without effective lead nurturing, many of your potential customers drop off and never make a purchase. Our contact management solution keeps all your important information organized and enables you to nurture each lead through to conversion. This tool is free for all users.

The Contact Manager makes it easy to nurture, rate and score lead. It tracks each lead's behavior, activities, and preferences and builds up a detailed personal profile. Create customizable sales pipelines that automatically and manually nurture your leads. Personalized automated marketing campaigns are sent to your customers based on their specific dates, behaviors, individual preferences, past purchases, location and much more. We also integrate with all CRMs with our customizable plugin in case you choose to store your data elsewhere.

When contacts open messages, take actions, updates their preferences, download resources or interact with your content in any other way, their profiles are dynamically updated in order to provide even more personalized campaigns. As each lead progresses down your pipeline, their data is always being updated. This allows you to maintain a meaningful connection with each of your contacts through automated processes, saving you time and effort.

Social media management: Social media is a highly effective way to reach new leads, and your marketing campaigns have the potential to go viral, yet it takes time if you're trying to do it all yourself. An automated solution saves time by managing your daily posting. With the SimplyCast social media solution, create posts and schedule them to go out over time. Data is collected on comments, likes, shares and so on so you can see how people are interacting with your content in real time. This allows you to optimize your future content.

Lead tracking: You need to know who is visiting your website, where people are clicking and what each of your leads is doing. With SimplyCast Sonar, each lead who visits your website, subscribes to your newsletter, fills out a form or interacts with your content in any other way is tracked in detail. Their data is automatically collected and added to their personal profile so that messages to them can be personalized. You can view each contact's information at all times so you know who is a hot lead and how to connect with them.

Event management: Every business finds it necessary and profitable to host events and webinars occasionally. Events create a buzz around your business and draw in new customers. The SimplyCast event management tool helps you create events easily and automatically generates an SEO-optimized landing page with all the relevant event information. Create printable or scannable tickets if you need them. Automated reminders go out to all your guests leading up to the event to increase attendance. Once the event is over, automated thank you messages are sent to those who attended.

Simple way to gather customer information and feedback: To capture new leads and gain more information on who is visiting your site, simple online forms work wonders. When you need to know more, online surveys help you gain valuable feedback from your customers. SimplyCast provides a form builder tool so you can create a great form or survey with no coding needed. All information is automatically collected and organized so you can view results and learn more.

Landing page creation: Every business needs a landing page once in a while. Landing pages are used for advertising campaigns to capture new leads. With the SimplyCast landing page generator, create a fully designed and functional landing page in just a few minutes.

Survival of the Fittest? Or Survival of the Most Well Prepared?

Effective marketing is not about having the most money or contacting the most people possible with the most messages. It is about evolving to meet your customers' needs. It is about creating a lasting connection that will increase repeat business. It is about being able to successfully nurture your leads from first contact through to first purchase and beyond. Simplify the process, save money and increase efficiency with a single solution.

It is not as challenging as you think to adapt your marketing. Marketing automation is a highly effective tool, yet it is designed to be simple as well. When it's used properly, it helps you grow your business, reach new customers, reduce customer churn and ultimately increase revenue. Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our all-in-one marketing automation solution today. Also, request an interactive demo below, hosted by one of our experts. And don't forget to visit the ClickZ Live San Francisco Conference if you're in the area and meet the SimplyCast CEO, Saeed!

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