Marketing Automation: DIY or Do It for Me?

Marketing Automation: DIY or Do It for Me?

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Marketing Automation

Everyone enjoys a good DIY project! Whether it's giving a treasured piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint or turning your old posters into framed works of art, it's refreshing to take some time and learn a new skill.

Sometimes though, we can get in a little in over our heads – DIY rescue shows exist for a reason after all.

When you put down your paintbrush, hammer, or sander and consider marketing automation you may find yourself wondering: "Is this a chance to learn a new skill?"

The answer is yes!

When you invest in SimplyCast, we invest right back by providing free onboarding and walking you through the applications you purchased to ensure you have a thorough understanding of our system's many capabilities. You can take the time to test different applications, experiment with a landing page for a product, and more.

The SimplyCast platform was designed to provide an easy-to-use experience so anyone can quickly learn how to use the many features in our marketing automation toolbox. Say you want to send an email blast or create a monthly newsletter - with our software, you can design one from scratch or choose from one of our many templates. Whether you want to build from a ground up or use a crafted template, our email editor uses a drag-and-drop editor so you can easily give it your own flair. Want to add more images? Include a personal signature? Add in social media buttons?

You can do it all, especially when using our SimplyCast 360 application, which allows you to create intricate communications flows connected to our applications that automatically send communications based off of decision elements, timing triggers, and more. When you start a SimplyCast 360 campaign, you're given a blank slate to start on - a canvas ready to be painted by your marketing plans. You can begin by adding and creating a form that allows customers or clients to sign up for company updates, new blog posts, promotions, events, and more. This form can then be linked to a follow-up email that is sent out after a submission has been made, thanking the subscriber for wanting to hear more.

From there, you can create personalized emails that go out bi-weekly with information on your services, send a survey asking for their feedback on a new product or leave a recorded voice message inviting them to an upcoming event.

Interested but drawing a blank on what to do first? Let's start simply by sending personalized emails to your clients on their birthday - this type of campaign is quick to set up, efficient, and a piece of cake to create. One of our many strategy sessions takes you through it step by step - all you need to have a list of your clients (and their birthdays'). After that, you're only four steps away from a completely automated and personalized process that makes your customers feel valued.

Don't have your clients' birthdays off hand? That's alright - you can always ask and do so through a channel they prefer. Do you like to receive messages through email? SMS? Maybe a phone call? Everyone has their own special channel that they like to be communicated on and through our marketing automation software, you can not only discover the answer but use it for all other marketing. It's true, and you can set it up such a campaign yourself - we have the blueprint ready for you.

Guides are fantastic - I mean, unless you're a practiced craftsperson, it can be hard to create items without instructions guiding your hammer and screwdriver - especially if you aren't sure how to use said hammer or screwdriver. When you sign up for our marketing automation software, we have dedicated members of our team take you on a guided tour of our features. We make sure you know them inside and out (just like we do!).

Though sometimes even with instructions, we run into roadblocks, discover we have a missing piece, or just aren't sure what needs to be done next. That's why you'll be happy to know that we have a trusted support team that you can turn, not matter what the reason.  That's why we have an FAQ section and dedicated staff on hand ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have because we want to see you succeed.

Unfortunately, not everyone has time to learn our suite of applications.

Whether it is a quickly approaching deadline or very limited resource, you may need less Do It Yourself and more Do It For Me!

We've got good news – we can do it for you! All the while you can still learn about our system through outsourcing your marketing by planning, designing, and activating your campaign.

By outsourcing your marketing, you can learn about our system while we plan, design, and activate your campaigns.

Through our Hands-Free program, your vision is brought to life by one of our marketing automation specialists who know SimplyCast's software inside and out. From content and flow creation, idea generation and design, they're spark plugs of ingenuity and strategy that provide top quality results.

The best part?

Strategic sessions are built into the Hands-Free program to guide you through the automation process and ensure your eyes see every message before it is sent. From your first email newsletter to the last Facebook post, they take you through everything they've created so you can easily recreate it and provide a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Is that quick paint job looking like it may turn into a full-on renovation?

You can choose from an assortment of packages ranging from 25 to 105 hours a month and more, providing you with a dedicated specialist at a fraction of the price of hiring a new employee. You get all the benefits of a savvy marketing specialist while coming in under budget.

They're like your own jack-of-all-trades, taking you through each step while providing insight to make sure you nail your first campaign (and each one after that!).

Interested in learning more about Hands-Free? Contact us at today.

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