Marketing and Communication Tools: Marketing Automation

Marketing and Communication Tools: Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been a growing force for B2C and B2B marketing for quite some time now. In fact, 79 percent of the top companies have been using marketing automation for over two years. Marketing automation has allowed companies to outgrow their competition time and time again because they have the ability to save time while better engaging their customers and clients.

Are you interested in getting started with marketing automation? Here's how.

1) Gather your contact information

Whether you do it through a form or other means, you will first need to gather your customer's and potential customer's contact information. From a form, the marketing automation platform will automatically input this information into the CRM. The CRM stores contact information as well as all interactions the client has had with you. This helps personalize your communications with them.

2) Create your campaigns

When you're creating your campaigns using the drag-and-drop functionality, you need to decide which communication channels will work best for the message you are trying to send. You could also use multiple channels in an automated campaign.

Let's say that some of your clients have provided you with their mobile numbers for SMS messages while others gave you their email addresses. With a marketing automation platform, you can still communicate with them through the same campaign.

You also have other communication options such as fax and voice.

3) Input and design your content

Next, after deciding which channels to use, you will need to write your content. All the channels come with a built-in editor where you can input your content. Then, using the drag-and-drop functionality, you can design your message and add images, additional text blocks, and more.

The great thing about marketing automation is that you can personalize your content automatically. By using conditional formatting, the system will automatically make each message (typically in email) appeal to each individual recipient based on their contact profile in the CRM.

4) Review your results

With the SimplyCast marketing automation software: SimplyCast 360, all the channels work together to create an intuitive platform. Like the channels work together to create the campaigns, Sonar web tracking works with the platform to generate results.

After your campaign has sent, Sonar immediately starts to track engagement with your communications. These results will show you how many people opened your email, how many clicked links in your SMS messages, what were the main responses to your surveys, and more. Having all the results provided to you allows you to save time because you don't need to analyze them individually.

If you'd like to learn more about SimplyCast 360, visit this page.

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