SimplyCast: Perfect Emergency Alert System for Businesses

SimplyCast: Perfect Emergency Alert System for Businesses

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6 Ways SimplyCast is the Perfect Emergency Alert System for Your Business

Before we start talking about SimplyCast, let’s talk about the necessity of an emergency management software.

I mean, do businesses really need an emergency alert system?

The answer is: YES!

Regardless of the size and the type of business, you should have an emergency alert system. Here are a few reasons why you should have one:

  1. Ability to prevent any unexpected scenarios by sending alerts quickly
  2. Sending alerts via multiple channels so if one fails another works
  3. Transmitting messages accurately and in faster ways
  4. Option to track the recipients so additional measures can be taken for those who missed the alert
  5. Keep recipients updated as well receive updates from people

There are many more reasons, but I believe these are enough to convince you to have an emergency alert system. After all, businesses must put human lives before everything else.

Now, as you are thinking of having an emergency alert system, let’s have a look at SimplyCast and talk about why this emergency alert system is ideal for your business!

What is SimplyCast’s suite of emergency tools?

SimplyCast provides the world’s first all-in-one emergency communications platform that provides a comprehensive view of the common operating picture, increasing emergency managers’ efficiency in crisis situations. This crisis communication system is powered by SimplyCast’s automation technology, making it an all-in-one emergency management system.

SimplyCast’s vision is to be able to provide a comprehensive emergency communication solution. We aim to create virtual operation centers for organizations with the capabilities necessary to run efficient emergency procedures. With the current features and functionality, SimplyCast is already living its vision by providing comprehensive solutions to communicate during crisis moments for all business categories.

Here is a list of all of SimplyCast’s emergency management and communication tools:

Alerts: Alerts is a mass notification system with the ability to send emergency messages via email, SMS, voice, and fax.

OnCall: The OnCall is a scheduling tool that allows businesses to schedule shifts and calls for backup in case of emergency. OnCall also has the feature to schedule staff groups and overwrite shifts as necessary.

Recall: The Recall tool allows businesses to reach out specific people via SMS, voice, or email to connect with contacts on their preferred method of communication. It is mostly used to assemble a team of professionals to tackle any emergency.

Live Survey: Live Survey allows for data collection from the field by sending survey questions over various modes of communication, and recipients can respond through their chosen method.

Teleconference: Instant Teleconference is a powerful teleconferencing tool that has features never before seen on the market such as a feature that dials out to contacts to connect them.

Blueprints & Maps: With the combination of Map & Blueprints applications, users can select geographical areas to send messages to as well as overlay information on a common operating picture to give emergency managers a better view of an ongoing emergency.

Command Hub: Command Hub is the main dashboard of the whole emergency suite of tools. Through this interface, emergency managers can manage ongoing scenarios, which includes the sending of Alerts, Recall messages, Live Survey results, and so on.

Why Use an Emergency Alert System?

Briefly put, SimplyCast can perform all the tasks an ideal emergency alert system should do from sending mass alerts to live survey to utilize multiple channels. Here are a few reasons why SimplyCast should be in your mind if you ever decide to subscribe to an emergency alert system:

Reason #1: Real-Time Data

Tackling an emergency requires precision in decision making. And a decision can be made in a timely manner only when proper information about the situation is available. With SimplyCast’s emergency suite of tools. you can obtain real-time data in multiple ways. Live Survey is particularly useful to gather necessary information from the field as users can input data quickly.

Reason #2: Data Security

SimplyCast boasts compliance with the esteemed international security standard ISO 27001:2013. This means you can use SimplyCast without being worried about your data being compromised.

Reason #3: Multi-channel

One of the most prominent features of SimplyCast is the ability to use multiple channels to disseminate information. Powered by SimplyCast’s automation communication system, you can send notifications via email, SMS, and voice.

Reason #4: Customizable

SimplyCast provides you with the opportunity to craft customized emergency alerts based on your needs. Every business has different risks and based on those risk factors, you can design pre-set emergency with appropriate tools and commands. As soon as any of the perceived emergency takes place, you can immediately log into the SimplyCast and activate the appropriate alert with just a click.

Reason #5: Comprehensive

The all-in-one platform features multiple applications that can be operated from the same platform. As you can manage multiple tools and send messages via multiple channels: you do not have to switch between multiple platforms. The wide range of tools available in SimplyCast allows you to save time in collecting information and responding quickly as soon as you have made a decision.

Reason #6: Tested & Proven

Finally, why wouldn’t you use a system that is tested in multiple situations and proven to be as effective as it can be? SimplyCast users benefit from proven solutions with real scenarios. SimplyCast’s comprehensive emergency engagement software has been trialed and tested and was able to provide the capabilities necessary to run efficient emergency procedures, connect stakeholders, and provide situational awareness.

Bonus Reason #7: Not Just for Emergencies!

The most unique feature of SimplyCast is the versatility of the tools. SimplyCast tools are designed in a way so you can use them for non-emergency purposes as well. It is like a knife that you can use both for chopping vegetables and stirring soup! You have the liberty to customize the tools for non-emergency business purposes as it uses the automation communication system by SimplyCast. For instance, the features of alert can also be used to send out promotional offers to your clients and live surveys can be helpful to conduct a quick market research.

Want to Learn More?

Adopting an emergency alert system is a big step for your business and we want you to try it out first. If you are convinced that SimplyCast provides you with the tools and features that can be helpful for your business to deal with emergency communication, we encourage you to try out the platform.

Click below to try it out!

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