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Finding the right resources for those requiring mental health care is a crucial task for mental health initiatives. Mental health initiatives can face challenges in creating easy ways for clients and distressed individuals to easily access resources. These challenges can include connecting people with relevant resources. Individuals requiring mental health services often have specific circumstances and needs which can be difficult to account for manually.

Using a digital solution allows the day-to-day process of connecting individuals with resources much easier.


SimplyDigital offers the Mental Health Check-in for Clinics use case. This is a system which allows initiatives to create a way for anyone to fill out their experiences into a form. Using specific mental health check in questions will in turn get back resources relating to the information that they submitted. This solution creates an easy to use on-ramp allowing individuals to get information relating to their experiences and needs.

SimplyDigital’s Mental Health Check-in use case helps clinics to streamline the way they check-in with clients. This is complete all while keeping up long-term in a way that is relevant.

Steps to Success

  1. Digital forms that can be accessed through a variety of methods act as an effective on-ramp for the process, where those who fill out the forms can submit their experiences.
  2. The details about an individual from the initial form can be used to send them to a pathway that matches what they experienced and sends them resources that match with what they describe.
  3. Long term, this same information and categorization can be used for additional check-in messages and for updates when new resources become available.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Help provide resources for those struggling with mental health.
Use case benefit
Send personalized messages to clients that will make them feel connected to and taken care of during times of need.
Use case benefit
Frequently check-in with clients while also limiting manual resources required.
Use case benefit
Easily determine the best way to communicate with clients based on experiences.

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