Smart Government Event Information Sharing

Challenge for


Governments often face challenges in ensuring that they can effectively share information about upcoming events with their attendees, and especially at live events during those events. It is difficult to ensure that every attendee receives information promptly about upcoming events, especially as updates and changes to the event are made.

Smart governments have an opportunity to utilize a digital solution to help improve how event information is shared and communicated with attendees both immediately and over the long-term.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Smart Government Event Information Sharing use case. This is a communication engagement solution that makes use of personalized automation to improve how attendees and interested parties receive information about events. This use case utilizes dynamic communication tools, QR-code accessible forms and landing pages to allow for a streamlined solution that improves information sharing.

Using this solution helps to ensure that communication for events is provided not only efficiently, but effectively for everyone involved or interested in the event.

Steps to Success

  1. The process begins by having an information request and opt-in form template configured to be available for any event. Attendees will simply scan a QR-code to access an update opt-in form or directly to an informational page.
  2. Once the form is filled out (or if no form is used), anyone who is interested will be taken to a landing page that displays configurable information about the event.
  3. Event organizers can send update messages about the event to those who opt-in using their preferred method of communication. Update messages are also able to merge in information, such as a name, using information associated with the opt-in record of the information seeker who signed up.

Best Outcome

  • Ensure event information is easily accessible.
  • Improve communication with event attendees.
  • Easily manage information campaigns.
  • Send event related information to existing contacts.