Smart Government Modular Training

Challenge for


Training new employees is a very rigorous process for governments. Governments face key challenges in how they manage training, including the related communications and reporting. Manually managing these aspects of training can be very time-consuming and leaves room for errors.

Governments need a digital solution that provides them with the ability to greatly better manage and organize employee training. They need a way to better communicate training-related information and a better way to provide training directly.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Smart Government Modular Training solution. This is a hyperautomation use case that will help improve the training process for governments. This use case enhances the training process by simplifying the updating of training material, monitoring completion and progress, gathering statistical insights on courses, and fostering improved communication with employees.

This solution utilizes modular dashboards that are fully configurable to include digital quizzes, information pages, administrative tracking, and communication tools in layouts that best fit each course. This helps smart governments enhance their training without needing to develop entirely new procedures.

Steps to Success

  1. Configure modular dashboards meet the needs of many types of training processes, with different dashboards accessible to users based on their assigned courses.
  2. Trainers and administrators can easily view trainees and track their progress. Issue reports, test results, and training requests are all managed within this interface.
  3. Tasks such as quizzes, bulletins, and other special items may be managed and shared with trainees whenever they are required.
  4. The digital solution supports a multitude of communication forms. This includes internal bulletins, emails, and text messages.

Best Outcome

  • Simplify the updating of training material.
  • Track training completion and progress.
  • Easily collect statistical information about training courses.
  • Conduct training on a large scale using a fully configurable interface.