Smart Government Staff Onboarding

Challenge for


When governments are onboarding new staff members into their accounts, they must ensure that they are able to effectively manage initial support. This includes answering common questions, logging access, and ensuring role consistency. It is also common for new staff members to find the onboarding process time-consuming and difficult to manage. Governments need to be able to provide them with adequate assistance as they create their accounts and answer their questions promptly.

Using a digital solution will help governments to better provide their new staff with support while reducing the manual work required. This contributes to helping governments become smart governments as technology advances and optimizes the processes they manage.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Smart Government Staff Onboarding use case. This solution makes use of engagement automation tools to create a streamlined communication process that will allow new staff members to receive resources in a timely manner. The solution is easy to configure to meet the onboarding needs of every department and agency within government.

Using digital forms along with a variety of communication methods to share resources with staff that are in the onboarding process. These tools make the whole process much easier to manage. Governments can ensure that all their staff members receive the best support possible as they go through onboarding.

Steps to Success

  1. When new staff create a new account, it triggers a welcome message to send automatically. This message is fully configurable, and usually includes general welcome information, initial connections, and any other key details and resources new staff need.
  2. After sending the welcome message, additional resources can be shared such as frequently asked questions. These messages can be timed to be sent ahead of when the new staff member is likely to get to that point in the onboarding process.
  3. Once the onboarding process is finalized, account holders automatically receive a survey to ask for feedback. This survey provides an opportunity to see if there are any issues within the onboarding process and to identify any unanswered questions.

Best Outcome

  • Minimize the time existing staff must spend onboarding new staff.
  • Ensure new account holders are provided with key resources.
  • Gather feedback to improve the onboarding process.
  • Automatically create internal tasks at specific stages in the onboarding process.