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Why Us? Our Commitment

With the rising cost of living, job scarcity, and a greater strain on medical systems and public services, government departments are now under more pressure than ever.

When faced with such expectations, it is easy to feel that there is never enough time or money to go around. Thankfully, SimplyCast has found a way to lighten the load: our use case hyperautomation technology is designed with government specifications in mind.

How Does it Work?

Completely Customizable

With our scalable technology, every use case can be configured to meet the needs of any government department. Extend your public outreach with our 20+ suite of digital hyperautomation tools, including contact management, emergency response, maps, and more.

Effortlessly Applicable

The versatility of our platform means it can be applied to any department and offers the option for uniformity within your workforce. Create and modify workflows at your convenience with no need for expensive training or propriety equipment.

Adaptable Solutions

SimplyCast’s system was designed with growth in mind, meaning it evolves alongside governments as their size, requirements, and priorities shift. Our use case strategists are always working to identify and create new use cases for smart governments, which we then make available for every government using our platform at no extra cost.

Unbeatable Security

We have achieved certification in ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, TX-Ramp Level 2, and we maintain data centers in the USA and Canada. Protect your data from breaches with our secure system which is trusted by governments and businesses worldwide.

Interested in Learning More?

We know your community is important and we want to help you support them. With SimplyCast, you can automate the little things and let your workforce focus on the big picture: connecting with the public and making a difference.

Still unsure if our smart solution is right for you? Browse our use cases for yourself or reach out today for a demo with one of our experts.

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