Simplycast - AccrediCast


What is AccrediCast?

AccrediCast is a new way for small and medium businesses to automate and scale their digital marketing efforts. Through a special initiative between SimplyCast, a leader in the marketing automation space, and the Better Business Bureau serving the Atlantic Provinces, BBB Accredited Businesses now have an economical way to better communicate with their customers. 

Why AccrediCast?

AccrediCast is a joint project between SimplyCast and BBB to provide amazing functionality at an exclusively low price. SimplyCast, a Dartmouth-grown leader in the marketing and communication technology space, has been operating since 2009 and represents customers in over 175 countries and – as an Accredited Business – is proud to join forces with BBB.

This initiative represents an opportunity for businesses in Atlantic Canada to benefit from both the power of BBB accreditation as well as a suite of low-cost communication tools to help their organizations grow via SimplyCast. AccrediCast is offered under an exclusive arrangement through BBB for Accredited Businesses only and offers many benefits for businesses both new and established.

What are the Benefits?

AccrediCast, among other things, helps you: Keep your brand top of mind to customers and prospects Save time communicating your organization’s value Save money by keeping all your communication solutions in one place Communicate your accreditation and trustworthiness as an organization.


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