SimplyCast Wallet Promotion Conditions

SimplyCast | SimplyCast Wallet Promotion Conditions

To utilize the Wallet promotion, you must log into your account and add a valid credit card before indicating to SimplyCast staff that you are interested in this promotion. The credit will then be added to your account by the above mentioned SimplyCast staff member. This promotion is will expire on November 21, 2016 at 5:00pm EST.

The Wallet credit can be used on any SimplyCast products and services. In order to use the credit:

1. The account must be in good standing
2. The account must have a valid Credit Card on file (Wallet credit cannot be added or used with any other payment method at this time)
3. The user must specify for each purchase if they wish to use the available wallet credit.
4. Wallet credit has no cash value.
5. Wallet credit cannot be refunded
6. Wallet credit cannot be transferred to any other account.


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